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This week’s Herald column: sorry Marco, Ted Cruz is the right’s new Hispanic darling

A day late on this post, in which I lay out why Ted Cruz is the right’s new darling.

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This week’s Herald column: Demographics and the Florida GOP

  What keeps the campaign oppo folks who work for Rick Scott and the 2016 tinkerers around Marco Rubio up at night? It’s the demographics, stupid. (With a big hat tip to the boss, Steve Schale.)

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This week’s Herald column: Jeb makes his move on Rubio

Aside from the rumors of Jeb’s eye-rolling response to Time’s Rubio Jesus “savior” cover, I spied signs that Jeb has had enough of watching his protege bask in the 2016 preview glow. His book drop was awkward, to be sure, … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Stephen Colbert’s hilarious Rubio #Watergate takedown

This is just for you, Fox/GOP fanboys of Mediaite! The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive I know, I know, it’s meeeeean!

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This is all that anyone is going to remember from the Marco Rubio SOTU response (with bonus animated Gif!)

Because, well… it’s just that awesome. After the jump, enjoy an animated Gif of said embarrassing moment for Republican (Latin) Jesus…

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This week’s Herald column: skeptical about Rubio

I know, I know, he’s everybody’s Latin Hero, but I’m not on the bandwagon of El Unico.

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This week’s Herald column: Marco Rubio and the ‘magical minority’ theory

This week’s Herald column tackles the GOP’s, and my fellow members of the political media’s obsession with Marco Rubio as Mitt Romney’s running mate.

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Another GOP poll (and not a good one) this time on Hispanics

According to a new poll, Hispanic voters have one word to describe the GOP…

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Uh oh… more discrepancies in Rubio’s exile story

This, as they say, is not good.

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So… about Marco Rubio’s compelling exile story …

When he’s not giving the French and the British credit for NATO military accomplishments that couldn’t have been achieved without the U.S. military, or wowing crowds of adoring conservatives, Marco Rubio can sometimes be found telling the heartwarming story of … Continue reading

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