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Leaked email: Fox bosses ordered anchors to slant ‘public option’

For the few remaining people who still think Fox is a “news” channel, a leaked email makes it plain: the network’s Washington editor directed his on-air staff to skew its coverage against the healthcare public option.

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Ailes unplugged: Obama a Socialist, NPR run by Nazis, Jon Stewart ‘crazy’ (but Fox still ‘fair and balanced!’)

The breathless fawning of Colby Hall and the other Fox apologists at Mediaite aside, no serious person believes any more that Fox “News” is either a news channel, or a source of “fair and balanced” information. But what Fox is, … Continue reading

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Misleading headlines: Politico tries to save the GOP on Bunning

Politico’s grand headline: “Republicans rip on Jim Bunning” doesn’t quite match the actual story, in which exactly one Republican — Susan Collins of Maine — “rips,” while the exactly three other Republicans quoted or named in the article either 1) … Continue reading

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Eric burns Beck

Eric Burns, the guy who used to host the one decent program on Fox News: “Fox and Friends,” (and one of just three “fair and balanced” journalists ever to grace that network, the other being the departed Jane Hall and … Continue reading

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From the desk of: ‘No S–t, Sherlock’ … Murdoch’s Post out to ‘destroy Obama’

Well there’s a surprise. And now, there’ll even be discovery!

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How much longer can Shep Smith take it?

Fox News’ lonely champion of “fair and balanced” reporting continues to fight the good fight: We’re with you, Shep. And when you’ve finally had enough and leave Fox News, I’ll be sure to tune in to your next gig.

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Axelrod states the obvious: Fox is not ‘news’

Why is this still surprising to anyone? We all know what Fox is, and accept it. What would have really been newsworthy would have been Axelrod taking a firm position on whether the president will or won’t sign a healthcare … Continue reading

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Operation ‘Protect Fox Noise’

CNN’s Campbell Brown’s doing it … so is CNN’s Howie Kurtz. Now, New York Magazine’s Chris Rozwar’s doing it to: whingeing that Barack Obama should stop being mean to Fox News. Really? Rozwar’s arguments break down to the following: 1. … Continue reading

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The White House tells it like it is: Fox News IS Republican Party TV

During the Bush administration, Fox News was a network wholly devoted to cheerleading. Now that a Democrat is in office, the house former Republican media strategist Roger Ailes and worldwide winger Rupert Murdoch built has become the official chop shop … Continue reading

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For David Gregory, there’s only Joe Wilson

David Gregory is infamous in my circles for his eight-year bromance with George W. Bush (George used to call him “Stretch.” … Gregory demurred on asking tough questions about invading Iraq or spying on American citizens. No verification on whether … Continue reading

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