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Easy, media: Marco Rubio already has a wife

… the cooing and cuddling of the media’s newest Republican sensation (sorry Scott Brown and Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell and … well whoever else is a Republican …) is getting just a bit nauseating … just sayin’ …

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E.J. Dionne explains it all: the mainstream media fears the right

A little nugget, courtesy of Politico’s Mike Allen: WHAT WE LEARNED THIS WEEK — E.J. DIONNE JR., in Monday’s Investor’s Business Daily, on liberal media guilt, with a shout to Ben Smith: “The administration’s response to the doctored video … … Continue reading

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‘Earned media’, poll psychology and Kendrick Meek’s mean summer **UPDATE**

Something in this recent Washington Monthly article by Steve Benen stood out to me (with a hat tip on the article’s existence to Peter Schorsch…) and it is this quote from Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek: On his low name-recognition … Continue reading

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(Video) Complete Helen Thomas ‘gotcha’ interview

Video blogger Rabbi David Nesenoff responds to requests that he release the whole thing. Here it is: Helen Thomas Interview on Israel @ Yahoo! Video

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“Moderate” Crist’s new media firm worked for Lieberman, Bloomberg, Democrats, Obama

The Crist campaign just (finally) announced their new media team, having shed the campaign’s former staff with the governor dumped the GOP (as I reported earlier, Crist’s former spokesperson Amanda Henneberg is now working for the enemy, at the RNC…) … Continue reading

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Mediaite’s Ann Coulter, Frances Martel, and the Obama ‘affair’ smear **UPDATE**

Meet Frances Martel, former College Republican, trailblazing sports writer, and the young reporter who single-handedly damaged a nascent new media brand. Martel’s breathless rush to reprint a tabloid rumor about President Obama would be bad enough on TMZ (which by … Continue reading

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Stuff to watch today

The polls are open in Illinois, where the tea partiers will attempt (and probably fail) to take down the Republican in the race, Paul Kirk, and replace him with someone who can’t win. Go tea parties! So far, the Tribune … Continue reading

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Curses! Drudged again!

It’s been a long time since I’ve checked the Drudge Report — the onetime “unofficial assignment desk for America’s newsrooms” that ruled the Internet news link world what seems like ages ago. Lately, Drudge has been surpassed by other right … Continue reading

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Lou Dobbs’ greatest hits (and a CNN update)

Media Matters chronicles the long, strange trip that was “Lou Dobbs Tonight: … And in a radio flashback: Lou Dobbs laughs at the “left” and their inability to get CNN to give him the boot. Meanwhile, CNN won’t go for … Continue reading

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A tale of two shooters

Both were angry, disgruntled men. Both may have been in the midst of mental collapse. Both went on shooting rampages — one day apart — with unequal but deadly results. And while one of the shootings — at Fort Hood … Continue reading

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