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That was quick: OFA already out with Romney-Ryan-Medicare ad

Also …

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Remember that time Newt Gingrich called Ryan’s Medicare plan ‘right wing social engineering?’

Good times …

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The Wall Street Journal’s opportunistic, but provably false, anti-entitlements broadside

A crisis is a crisis, but also an opportunity.

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(Video) ICYMI: Economist Jared Bernstein schools GOP wonder-genius Paul Ryan

Major big-ups to C&L for pointing me to this clip from CNBC Monday. It’s a wonk’s paradise when you can hear an actual economist debate the right’s ideological boy-wonder, Paul Ryan, on trickle-down economics and vouchercare. Watch: And you know … Continue reading

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Remainders: SCOTUS sides with Wal-Mart, FL tea party warns on vouchercare, ‘two brothels’ Vitter in hot seat

The Supreme Court’s conservative majority sides with a mega-corporation over a bunch of underpaid women? Say it isn’t so…

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Here comes Hasner: WaPo floats the ‘new Rubio’ meme

It’s no secret that the right wing blogosphere, and the tea party goonies, can’t stand would-be U.S. Senator Mike Haridopolos, who currently presides over the Florida Senate. Who do they love? Adam Hasner. And so he is the new El … Continue reading

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**UPDATE: The Hair out of place: Mike Haridopolos all over the place on Ryan’s voucher plan

U.S. Senate wannabe Mike Haridopolos already has the tea party on his back for not pushing through anti-illegal immigrant legislation during the just-completed session. Now he’s got new drama: in the form of vouchercare.

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Filed for future reference: the 40 Senators who voted for vouchercare **UPDATE: Krauthammer warns GOP

You’ll be seeing this list a lot, I suspect, as we head into 2012. Hell, you’ll probably see it in 2014, too.

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Remainders: RINO hunting, the right digs in, and the Senate vouchercare vote

If you want to get a peek inside the Republican psyche heading into 2012, you have to go to the source.

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(Video) GA Republican: seniors who need medical care should fend for themselves … or leave the U.S.

Steve Benen puts it about as well as it can be put: its one thing when Democrats and President Obama say Republicans want to tell Americans they’re on their own; “what’s interesting, though, is when congressional Republican effectively respond, “Damn … Continue reading

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