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(Video) The timeless wit and wisdom of Michael Steele

I meant to post this earlier, but it’s worth watching, even a day later. RNC chairman Michael Steele, fresh from his bus trip to Guam, is done being hidden under a bushel by the GOP. He’s back, baby, bigger than … Continue reading

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Burning questions: when Steele meets Breitbart

TPMDC is reporting that the RNC will hold a 3-day fundraising extravaganza in Beverly Hills next month, at which hip-hop Republican chairman Michael Steele will share opening night hosting duties with none other than right wing “media” blowtorch Andrew Breitbart … Continue reading

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The RNC money pit: Steele hid $7 million in debt

Another day, another Michael Steele scandal. This time, via the Washington Times, word that Steele hid millions of dollars in RNC debt from the FEC, making the organization look healthier than it really is, heading into the midterms.

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Morning clicks: O-Bibi photo-op watch, suing Arizona, Florida’s Corleone utility

President Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today, and then they’ll answer questions from pool reporters. The meeting is being played at the Wapo as a show of unity, whose main goal is to get the two leaders … Continue reading

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Replace Michael Steele with Sarah Palin? Republicans should do it

With the stakes raised significantly by a sitting member of Congress and former NRCC chair joining the calls by the Axis of Evil (Bill Kristol, Eric Erickson and Liz Cheney) for him to step down as RNC chairman, and a … Continue reading

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Oops, he did it again: Steele calls Afghanistan ‘a war of Obama’s choosing’ **UPDATED**

Well, here we go again… Conservatives are calling for Michael Steele’s head … again … after the RNC’s gift that keeps on giving was caught on tape, holding forth about the war in Afghanistan. And boy did he hold forth … Continue reading

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Bosom buddies: the Jim Greer, Michael Steele connection

I know Michael Steele would love to run and hide from Jim Greer. What Republican tainted by him wouldn’t? But in the immortal words of Bette Davis in What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, “ya AHre, Blanche, ya AHre in … Continue reading

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P.M. clicks: Crist builds on SB6, Steele tells it like it is, and chickens for check-ups

Race to the Top, round 2: Making good on a post-SB6 veto promise, Gov. Crist has appointed a “working group” to review the state’s application, with an eye toward improving it with “stakeholder buy-in.” Miami-Dade Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho is … Continue reading

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RNC at Tiffany’s, RPOF staffer’s $1.3 million Amex and the ‘Forty Deuce’

This just won’t stop! The RNC gets caught buying “office supplies” at Tiffany’s, and in Florida, a 25-year-old staffer racks up $1.3 million in American Express charges, including $40,000 at a European hotel where she accompanied disgraced former House Speaker … Continue reading

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The Daily Show nails Michael Steele (with a puppet)

CORRECTION: A “muppet…” from Sesame Street, even! … If that sounded kinky, it’s not. It’s actually … HILARIOUS. And Jon Stewart, with the help of a blue, hip-hop lingo slinging puppet, perfectly pegs the pitiful minstrel act Michael Steele constantly … Continue reading

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