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(Video) Is Michelle Obama an ‘angry black woman’?

Also from the Ed Show last night: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy And by the way …

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What Chris Matthews actually said about the Obamas

I’ve gotten enough angry tweets about “not standing up for the president and first lady,” regarding an interview that I hadn’t even seen at the time I was being Twitterbombed, that I thought I’d watch it, give my take, and … Continue reading

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P.M. Clicks: Ready … Set … Bounce!

The dress was by the late designer Alexander McQueen (and of course, the wingers hated it) — and the White House state dinner was packed with star power, but light on Republicans. Still, a good time was had by all … Continue reading

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And Happy Birthday, gorgeous: Michelle Obama turns 47. Her best style pics

Not only is today MLK Day, it’s also Michelle Obama’s birthday. The first lady got surprised (and was embarrassed) at a King Day celebration this morning, which she attended with the president and their kids. But indeed, today is also … Continue reading

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Tuesday clicks: Palin’s ignorance, poll discordance, and no mandate for the GOP

Richard Cohen eviscerates Sarah Palin in his latest column, taking on her slam of Michelle Obama for being, in Palin’s opinion, insufficiently misty about America. 40 percent of Palin’s TLC audience ditches her show the second week, leaving little more … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s race-based Michelle Obama slam

If you had any doubts that a Sarah Palin presidential run would be a full-on, racially charged assault on the first family, dripping with references to Jeremiah Wright and accusations that the Obamas don’t really love America, this should remove … Continue reading

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President honors vets, MObama surprises troops (and Bush promotes his book) **UPDATED**

… and George W. Bush promotes his book. Happy Veterans Day, America!

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Morning clicks: nobody likes Liz, frackin’ A

Has Liz Cheney finally gone too far, with her “Al-Qaida Seven” gambit? Signs point to yes. Meanwhile, why isn’t her partner in crime, neocon chickenhawk Bill Kristol getting more heat? Meanwhile, it’s official: Eric Massa is a frackin’ idiot. And … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! … Now please, go away (5 people I’d like to see less of in 2010)

They rocked the headlines in 2009, and were in our faces via the teevee every bloody time we turned around. Here’s to the ten I’d like to see less of this year: 5. Taylor Swift — Yes, yes, cute and … Continue reading

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Thank you, Joe Scarborough

I’m normally not a huge fan of Joe Scarborough, the Ronald Reagan and self-obsessed ego who drives MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” But sometimes, Joe just gets it right. In the overheated political climate we’re in, it’s hard sometimes to remember that … Continue reading

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