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Tea party/militia blogger behind bricks, Pelosi threats and ‘little Wacos’ is on the government dole

Mike Vanderboegh, the militia leader behind the creepy “break their windows, break them now” rallying cry for vandals to attack Democratic lawmakers’ offices, is quite a character. He’s a gun nut … sorry, “enthusiast” who is obsessed with the idea … Continue reading

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Erickson finally criticizes violent threats (sort of); tea party Republicans, too; militia leader behind ‘break their windows’ call **UPDATED**

UPDATE: Politico swoops in to try and save their favorite “movement,” headlining that several Tea Party Republican groups issued statements today condemning acts of violence and intimidation against Democratic members of Congress, and attempting to distance themselves from them. Too … Continue reading

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The Axis of Crazy: Paulites, Palinites, teabaggers, militias and crackpot Pastor Anderson

The nexus of these groups is coming into focus. It seems that the origin of the wingnut ascendancy might be the failed, quirky candidacy of Ron Paul. More and more, the craziest forces on the right appear to be a … Continue reading

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