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Florida round-up: RPOF spent $33K with gov’s daughter’s firm, Grayson returns, keeping up with the Kochs

Now that Alan Grayson is running for Congress again, what else is happening in the Sunshine State?

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Underreported story of the week: judge strikes down ban on direct corporate contributions to candidates

You probably didn’t hear about this ruling this week, amid all the hoopla over Sarah Palin and Rolling Thunder, and big stories about court decisions on Arizona immigration laws and the Wisconsin anti-union bill. But this decision could trump them … Continue reading

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(Video) ICYMI: Joy vs. Kudlow, David Vitter and John Hofmeister on ‘drill baby drill’

A lively debate on whether we can drill our way to cheaper gas, on the Kudlow Report Friday evening, featuring your humble blogger taking on the host, Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter, and former Shell Oil president John Hofmeister. The … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: the money hunt, CNN caves on Nasr, smokey sues **UPDATED**

In a world of turmoil, it’s good to know you can turn to CNN for an hour-long softball interview with Benjamin Netanyahu on “Larry King,” a former AIPAC flak on the air several hours a day, and no more Octavia … Continue reading

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In vetoing slush funds, Charlie gets one right

I’ve grown increasingly dubious about Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, who I didn’t vote for, but who exceeded my expectations by being a pretty good governor. Since his higher political ambitions kicked in, however, Crist too often seems to be swimming … Continue reading

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