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Counting down to the new show on MSNBC weekdays at 2 p.m. starting Feb. 24th!

Hey there, tweeps! Counting down to the new 2 p.m. show on the 24th, hosted by your humble blogger! Last call for show name ideas! (Okay it’s the first call, too)… Post or tweet your show name and #hashtag ideas … Continue reading

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New year, new adventures (and new MSNBC show!)

Today was a big day in the life of your friendly neighborhood pundit. MSNBC announced the new daytime lineup, including yours truly, hosting the 2:00 hour weekdays. The new lineup is, if I do say so myself, fabulous. Peep it … Continue reading

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(Video) Why is it that all Washington talks about is deficit reduction?

From my guest-hosting stint on “Now” on Wednesday, an interview with Maryland Rep. Chris Van Holland and the panel, discussing why Democrats seem to have conceded the notion of “cutting the deficit” instead of working on economic growth: Visit NBCNews.com … Continue reading

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Jonathan Capehart stands by my Grover Norquist correction

On Tuesday’s “Now with Alex,” Alex Wagner tried mightily to get Grover Norquist to answer a simple question: whether closing tax loopholes is the same as raising someone’s taxes, since both result in that person paying more money to Uncle … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: who controls the GOP?

I talked about this subject Wednesday on the “Martin Bashir Show” and on “The Last Word” last night. But it bears repeating: the Republican Party’s political operatives, and its media hacks (think Rush, Hannity, Coulter…) have been rolling the conservative … Continue reading

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Video: Krystal Ball and Joy on ‘Martin Bashir’, talking Rush ‘the woman hater’ Limbaugh

As you watch this, recall that at no time has Sandra Fluke discussed her sexual habits. She testified before Congress about a friend who had an ovarian condition that required the pill — for non-sexual reasons. That said, who cares … Continue reading

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Race, Romney and what Jimmy Williams and I actually said about South Carolina

Today’s discussion on “NOW With Alex Wagner” about Mitt Romney, race, religion and the South Carolina primary sparked all kinds of debate online. Some of it was even wildly inaccurate. For starters, here’s the segment in which Democratic strategist Jimmy … Continue reading

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(Video) The clip that sparked a Rush Limbaugh ‘dichotomy’ rant

Now, let’s stipulate that Rush Limbaugh is a vain and touchy fellow. He must have a team of minions whose job is to search for any and all mentions of him in the media, so he can hold forth and … Continue reading

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Lawrence O’Donnell’s big ‘get’: the Ginger White interview

If you missed this tonight, you missed it. Thank god for the interwebs. Here’s part one, in which Georgia businesswoman Ginger White describes her physical — and financial — relationship with Herman Cain: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, … Continue reading

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(Video) Joy on MSNBC: Bachmann, Palin overdrive

Bachmann reps the crazy, Palin just tries to keep the money coming in. Here’s my debate with GOPer Joe Watkins on MSNBC’s Jansing & Company on Monday, with Richard Lui sitting in. Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and … Continue reading

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