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Herman Cain: king of the ‘Princess Nancy’ party

Herman Cain says he ‘probably shouldn’t have said Princess Nancy’ during the latest presidential debate. Ya think?

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Defining victory in the debt ceiling showdown

What would a “win” look like for each of the parties in the debt ceiling debate?

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Open thread: what should Obama and the Democrats do now?

The tea party isn’t budging, and John Boehner can’t control them in the House. The Reid bill doesn’t raise revenues, and we’re staring at an August 2nd deadline, which, by the way, is in a week. If you could advise … Continue reading

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Thursday clicks: old vs. new mavericks

The New York Times offers a detailed recounting of President Obama’s New START gamble, and how the treaty was almost derailed by DADT repeal. Also at the Times: Senator Gillibrand comes into her own, and a preview of the Congressional … Continue reading

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Pelosi won’t bring Obama tax compromise to the floor

From the in-box: this just in from Democracy for America:

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As lame duck session begins, questions for Democrats

One question for Democrats as they kick off the last months of the 11th Congress: can they find a way to speed the glacial pace of action in the Senate? Another: is Nancy Pelosi the only man left on Capitol … Continue reading

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(Video) Something is wrong with Ron Christie. There, I said it.

Watch this segment from MSNBC, and explain to me how Ron Christie says the things he says, defends the people he defends, and looks at himself in the mirror every morning. My brother? You need help.

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Thank you, Nancy

She became the most vilified woman in America, thanks in part to a depleted women’s movement that never had her back. But while Nancy Pelosi took the bullets for President Obama’s agenda, she became the most effective House Speaker in … Continue reading

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Ignore them, Nancy

Red state Democrats are seeking to capitulate on the one good campaign issue Democrats have this cycle. Speaker Pelosi should do her party a favor and ignore them.

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Obama, Palin, Pelosi and the media’s ridiculous ‘popularity’ meme

Would you believe me if I told you that Sarah Palin is no more popular with Americans than Nancy Pelosi? Or that for all the screaming, fewer than 1 in 4 Americans think highly of the tea party movement (and … Continue reading

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