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This week’s Herald column: Hagel in … neocons out

Chuck Hagel isn’t perfect, but making him Secretary of Defense would go a long way toward showing neoconservatives the door. …

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Matthews v. Palin, round 2: ‘nothing going on mentally’

Chris Matthews renewed his Sarah Palin fusilade last night, saying she “has nothing going on mentally” and calling her “dangerous.” Watch, as Mark Halperin is equally tough on her, though he hasn’t gotten the same amount of ink for it: … Continue reading

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Tea parties turn on Ron Paul: is this the beginning of the end?

Allahpundit asks: if Ron Paul isn’t safe from the tea party movement, who is? And it’s a good question. The tea party movement began as a sort of Libertarian/conservative uprising, focused on shrinking government, ending bailouts and cutting taxes. It … Continue reading

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If you read this to Glenn Beck, his head will explode

Salon.com posts a brilliant history of the Pledge of Allegiance by Michael Lind, which explains why it’s so darned un-American: Ironically, the Pledge of Allegiance, which today is most fiercely defended by white conservative Southerners whose Confederate ancestors tried to … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews vs. the Neocons, round two

In case you missed it, tonight, Chris Matthews went on night two of his tirade against neocons who are all for war, but not for fighting. Watch: Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

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In case you missed it: Ron Reagan Jr. (and Chris Matthews) vs. neocon Frank Gaffney

Fresh off his black tie fete for our four times draft deferred, hawkish former vice president, Dick Cheney, and his former deputy, the still-convicted Scooter Libby, (in which Dick Cheney accused the Obama administration of “dithering” on Afghanistan,) Frank Gaffney … Continue reading

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If Pol Pot had a daughter…

… she would probably be a lot like Liz Cheney … On another note, our bridge trolly friend has launched a brand new think tank to try and keep her father’s torture and war machine alive (and to push for … Continue reading

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