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Morning clicks: toward a banana Republic?

Paul Krugman sorts out the GOP (having dealt with the whiney, angry rich in his previous column.) Bottom line: the real “Pledge to America” is to attain power by any means necessary, even if the proposals they’re putting forward are … Continue reading

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Team Meek hits back, slams Greene as ‘Eddie Haskell’

The Meek campaign has a familiar response to Jeff Greene’s attacks on the congressman: his credit default swaps tanked the economy (well, they actually didn’t, but it’s a pretty effective line of attack.) And they’ve got a new website devoted … Continue reading

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Politically buzz-worthy: 5 Washington rumors worth watching

It’s been a big news day for political junkies, with three Democrats making news: Byron Dorgan ditching his run for re-election in North Dakota, Chris Dodd falling on his sword for the sake of the party in Connecticut,  and Bill … Continue reading

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Closing Gitmo update: some prisoners headed to Illinois

From the Chicago Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet comes the scoop tonight that the Obama White House has settled on a destination for at least some prisoners from Guantanamo Bay: WASHINGTON–The White House will announce Tuesday that President Obama will seek to … Continue reading

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The Rubio shuffle

UPDATE: Apparently, now Rubio doesn’t believe in mankind’s hand in global warming anymore, either, and he’s reversed his position on cap and trade. Up next — Marco sends RedStaters over the moon by denying evolution, reveals new career as a … Continue reading

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Remainders: Sarah Palin, Birther/not-birther, Tiger’s mama and Charlie’s whoopsie

Sarah Palin, is, and is not, a birther. Thank God for Facebook retractions. But what will her base think about her believing (sort of) that Barack Obama is American-born? Meanwhile, if you have any questions for the former governor, please … Continue reading

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In case you missed it: Mary Cheney saw Secret Service as her personal chauffeurs

Tucked into the “Hardball” interview regarding the alarming party crash by the fame-seeking Salahis with Washington Post columnist Roxanne Roberts and Ron Kessler, former Secret Service agent and author of “In the President’s Secret Service,”  was the claim by Kessler that … Continue reading

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Teabaggers exposed: laughing at the death of a woman and her unborn child

Wow. And you thought these people were pro life …

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Remainders: Sarah Palin: like Reagan, only dumber, Rudy won’t be ‘America’s governor,’ and more

Missed this one yesterday in the blizzard of co-dependent, obsessive media coverage of Sarah Palin: she now says “death panels” aren’t really “panels of death,” just like the Soviet Union wasn’t really an evil empire … see how that works? … Continue reading

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Charlie don’t play that

Gov. Charlie Crist has enough problems. Between Scott Rothstein, the bad press over his Obama-stimulus flip-flops, the distinct loss of mojo (though let’s keep it real — he’s still way ahead of Marco Rubio) and the constant grief from the … Continue reading

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