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How much longer can Shep Smith take it?

Fox News’ lonely champion of “fair and balanced” reporting continues to fight the good fight: We’re with you, Shep. And when you’ve finally had enough and leave Fox News, I’ll be sure to tune in to your next gig.

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Lieberman pulls a Lieberman

We’re all familiar with Joe Lieberman’s act by now. First, he cheers the election of Democratic president, and then practically shoves him over the side to darned near support impeaching him for having a sexual affair. … Next, he humbly … Continue reading

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Axelrod states the obvious: Fox is not ‘news’

Why is this still surprising to anyone? We all know what Fox is, and accept it. What would have really been newsworthy would have been Axelrod taking a firm position on whether the president will or won’t sign a healthcare … Continue reading

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Baucus bill passes 14-9

Olympia Snowe avoids a Democratic shunning by voting for the Max Tax. And still no public option … All 13 Democrats on the Finance Committee voted aye, and all Republicans with the exception of Snowe voted no. Politico has more … Continue reading

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The White House tells it like it is: Fox News IS Republican Party TV

During the Bush administration, Fox News was a network wholly devoted to cheerleading. Now that a Democrat is in office, the house former Republican media strategist Roger Ailes and worldwide winger Rupert Murdoch built has become the official chop shop … Continue reading

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How to win the Florida ‘netroots’

How do you get nominated for five “netroots” awards when before this year, you have never actually been associated with the “netroots?” How do you get to be the best Twitter user in the bunch when as this blogger points … Continue reading

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Keith Olbermann vs. the insurance cartel

I wasn’t sure what to make of Keith Olbermann’s idea for an hour-long “special comment” on healthcare reform, but if you watched it, what you saw saw was a powerful denunciation of an industry that can only be described as … Continue reading

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Jim DeMint, Honduras, and Waterloo

If you are of the belief that the extreme right wing in this country is now in open and perilously close to treasonous rebellion against the sitting government of the United States, having essentially admitted that their patriotism is limited … Continue reading

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Just a thought: time for Kathy Rundle to dial federal 911?

It took multiple stings, but Broward County appears to be getting a cleansing. Three politicians and three associates are facing serious charges following a corruption sting, including Broward County Commissioner Joe Eggelletion, school board member Beverly Gallagher and former Miramar … Continue reading

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Roll Call to Joe Wilson: You LIE!!!

I don’t know Jim Clyburn personally, but I’m guessing … and this is just a guess … he’s probably not Congressman Joe Wilson’s best alibi (Shhh! … I don’t think he likes him…!) And yet Wilson, who apparently is feeling … Continue reading

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