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Florida follies: Rick Scott’s in-your-face budget signing, cooked polls & angry cops

Shorter Rick Scott at the South Florida Water Management District headquarters, where he showed up unannounced to tout the bill he signed that overhauls the state’s water and Everglades management (most environmentalists say, for the worse): “Hi, I’m the governor, … Continue reading

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Remainders: rapture guy hospitalized, Pentagon papers out, Cain’s neobirtherism, crazy Moonie stories

Filed under crazy shit the Washington Times publishes.

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Wednesday morning round-up: Keith vs Rachel, Palin vs Bachmann, PA GOP vs teachers, and another headless body scam

  A few thinks to take a look at this morning: Your “yes we can” moment of the day: Denver elects its second black mayor, and it’s an underdog story for the ages. Your “oh now they didn’t” moment of … Continue reading

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Friday clicks: GOP losing America’s finest, the 8.8 rate, Boehnerbagged, and ‘bye-bye Gbagbo’

A piece in today’s Politico spells out the danger for Republicans who have gone after unions in the rust belt, thinking they’d just piss off unionized teachers, and apparently forgetting that often conservative-leaning police officers and firefighters are union members … Continue reading

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The CIA-Libya leak … or, aren’t we supposed to get intel before bombing stuff? **UPDATED**

I’m not in the intelligence business. Nor do I work in the White House or Pentagon. But if I was, or did, and I was helping to plan the bombing campaign that kicks off the creation of a U.N.-authorized no … Continue reading

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The Egyptian uprising: 6 media winners **UPDATED with reader nominations

The Egyptian revolution was an exhilarating experience for those of us who watched it unfold on television and on the Internet — which of course cannot compare to the experience of those who lived it firsthand. But among the many … Continue reading

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Everything I know about Glenn Beck and Fox News I learned from watching ‘Network’

A news operation stripped down to its entertainment essentials … brightly colored showbiz and emotion-churning, paranoid pschyodrama masquerading as news … a basic disrespect for journalism … even a female Roger Ailes. I finally watched the 1976 movie “Network” last … Continue reading

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(Video and full text) President Obama’s remarks at the victims’ memorial in Tucson, Arizona

President Barack Obama on Wednesday addressed the nation at a memorial for the victims of the Arizona shooting last Saturday. A greying Obama spoke as a national leader, healer, and as a father of young children himself, in a moving … Continue reading

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Monday clicks: Air Barbour, Assange book deal; Miller out of the way? Obama on Vick’s 2nd chance

Happy Monday! Here’s some of what’s going on out there. Julian Assange still faces rape charges, but he does have a $1.5 million-dollar book deal. The Wikileaks chief says he’ll use the money to cover the legal fees for both … Continue reading

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Ailes unplugged: Obama a Socialist, NPR run by Nazis, Jon Stewart ‘crazy’ (but Fox still ‘fair and balanced!’)

The breathless fawning of Colby Hall and the other Fox apologists at Mediaite aside, no serious person believes any more that Fox “News” is either a news channel, or a source of “fair and balanced” information. But what Fox is, … Continue reading

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