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In which presidents (and other important American people) shake hands with people

I know this freaks you out, conservatives, but sometimes, American leader shake hands with people … all sorts of people … Continue reading

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The right’s new goal: Bring Back Jeremiah Wright!

Disappointed that Sarah Palin wasn’t fully unleashed in 2008, to go all in on President Obama’s ties to scary black and terroristic people, and apparently out of ideas (and all but giving up on finding a presidential candidate they like) … Continue reading

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Jane Hamsher in full PUMA meltdown, cusses Obama supporters

ABL puts it rather succinctly …

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(Video) Caught in the act of racism: Fox’s Eric Bolling

Apparently, any time President Obama goes near a black person, it has a meaning. At least on Fox News: And who caught Fox in this pretty despicable act of racism?

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Firebags and afros: the *genius* plan to primary Barack Obama

It’s not news that there are people on the “progressive” side who cannot stand Barack Obama. Well now, the angries have got themselves a plan, and maybe even a poster child. But do they have a candidate?

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Georgia Republican takes question, ‘when is someone going to shoot Obama,’ doesn’t blink

A Georgia Republican, who before now was known mostly for tweeting that Obama hates the Constitution and loves socialism, takes an outrageous question during a town hall, and instead of smacking it down, he answers…

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This man owes the president an apology

Someone needs to tell Peter DeFazio that lying about President Obama in an attempt to belittle him is Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh’s job.

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Epic FAIL Awards: the WaPo becomes a platform for the Obama deranged

So the Washington Post editorial team was sitting around thinking, who can we get to write an advice piece for the president? And so, they came up with a brilliant idea: why not get two Fox “News” analysts who double … Continue reading

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Steve King comes unglued over Obama and race (now, with tea party/immigration bonus!)

Put another egg in the Glenn Beck crazy basket. Congressman Steve King has just proved, once again, that Barack Obama’s election literally drove the right insane.

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Erickson finally criticizes violent threats (sort of); tea party Republicans, too; militia leader behind ‘break their windows’ call **UPDATED**

UPDATE: Politico swoops in to try and save their favorite “movement,” headlining that several Tea Party Republican groups issued statements today condemning acts of violence and intimidation against Democratic members of Congress, and attempting to distance themselves from them. Too … Continue reading

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