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(Video) Wow. Whoopi and Joy walk out on O’Reilly on ‘The View’

Now that’s some good damned television. O’Reilly drives Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar off the set during a heated discussion on the so-called “Ground Zero mosque.” Watch:

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Burning questions: Axe out, Plouffe in? Whither Latino voters?

A few questions brewing this week… Can Barack Obama take the election on his own shoulders and single-handedly bring back minority and young voters in 2010, to a party that’s so dim, it can’t handle Stephen Colbert? And will Colbert … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: Park 51 developer just trying to make a buck

If you missed the extraordinary Donald Trump call-in on “Morning Joe” this morning, allow me to semi-blow your mind. The Donald discussed his offer to buy the old Burlington Coat Factory building where a Muslim group hopes to build a … Continue reading

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Terry Jones cancels Quran burning, makes dubious claim on Park 51 **UPDATE: Enter the Donald?

Pastor Terry Jones bent to international pressure on Thursday, including from the President of the United States and prominent conservatives, saying he will cancel his small church’s plan to burn copies of the Quran on the anniversary of September 11. … Continue reading

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Rick Scott campaign admission: ‘Ground Zero mosque’ outcry is all about winning elections

In case you missed this nugget from today’s Orlando Sentinel, and in keeping with Ken Mehlman’s stunning admission … no, not that he’s gay. Like, everybody knew that, dude … no, the admission that he participated with Karl Rove in … Continue reading

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Park 51 fight feeding Bin Ladenism, extremists

The increasingly ugly battle over a proposed Islamic center in downtown Manhattan is feeding anti-American extremism in the Muslim world, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.  

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Thank you, Ron Paul **UPDATE**

And so it’s left to Ron Paul to be the voice of reason. Add the Texas congressman  to the very short list of politicians (Democrats included) taking an adult, American position on the Islamic community center (along with Michael Bloomberg and … Continue reading

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Beck praised ‘Ground Zero’ imam in 2006, Hughes worked with him

The right’s hypocrisy on the Park 51 project, and the imam behind it, got a bit more exposure today, courtesy of Media Matters … and archival video.

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The essential Frank Rich: Park 51 opponents’ many hypocrises

They oppose the Park 51 project misnamed the “Ground Zero mosque,” but didn’t when it was proposed last December … they support the war in Afghanistan, where American troops are fighting and dying for the same Muslims they’re calling “Nazis” … Continue reading

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Today’s Herald column: ‘mosque fever running high’

I’ve already gotten more emails on this one than usual for before 9 a.m. The topic: you guessed it — the Cordoba House controversy. The open: With the stakes running high in political races nationwide — and the fate of … Continue reading

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