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AFSCME’s genius Romney ad: ‘I love lamp’

Mashed up with a scene from “Anchorman.” TRR offers a suggestion for the next Romney ad, after the jump…

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Bad Lip Reading Herman Cain vs. Actual Rick Perry

Which is more hilarious… The BLR Herman Cain: Or…

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Friday (comedy) video vault: Chappelle’s Show spoofs Diddy’s ‘Making the Band’

Freakin’ genius Dave Chappelle clip from 2004. Hat tip to TheGrio’s “Top Ten Shows that Hurt Black America,” of which “Making the Band” was surely one. Watch: Chappelle’s Show

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Jon Stewart’s brilliant Glenn Beck parody: conservative libertarians

“They left off the “y” because they didn’t want you asking that question …” Watch it, and I dare you not to love it: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Conservative Libertarian www.thedailyshow.com Daily … Continue reading

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Some morning glory for Little Orphan Healthcare Bill

Before you get out of bed this morning, the Senate will have held a vote to finally, for the love of God, end our long national nightmare by finally voting on healthcare reform. Joe Biden will be there — the … Continue reading

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Will the Cablinasian community rise to Tiger’s defense?

**UPDATE: More blonde bombshells for Tiger … details at the end of the post. (sigh) ** An AP article by a reporter named Jesse Washington states that Tiger’s multiple flings with non-black women are causing agita within the African-American community. … Continue reading

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For President Obama, all and nothing

SNL’s opening skit this weekend delighted right wingers who have been moping that the entertainment world refuses to go after President Obama, whom they see as a combination Marxist/Fascist/Socialist usurper who used ACORN to steal the last election (by like, … Continue reading

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SNL mocks Beck, Obama appears on everything but Fox

Courtesy of HULU:

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Keith Olbermann admits: The Buildings Are Commies … They’re ALL Commies…

The Rockefellars, their architect, NBC Earth Stations and a naked Mussolini. It all makes sense now. (Soylent Green… is people. … It’s PEOPLE!!!!! Oops. Sorry… got distracted.) Thank you, Glenn Beck. I don’t think any of us will ever walk … Continue reading

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The Wednesday funnies: The Cheney Bunch

**Bump** Dick Cheney’s newly public, chatty persona (and his daughter’s) just begs for a parody. Here it is:

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