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Ladies and gentlemen, the totally non-partisan, apolitical tea party …

Were they right to use an algorithm to target people with “tea party” in their name? No. But did they have a legitimate reason to wonder whether the sudden upsurge in “tea party” 501(c)4s seemed suspicious, so maybe they should make sure there was no fraud going on? Yes. Continue reading

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History has a sense of humor: why did Congress create the debt limit?

Leave it to the Washington Post to enthrall the geek in me with their irony-filled debt ceiling story…

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What Obama can do next

Some sound advice for a president who’s about to face the ugliest Congress since the lame duck confab that impeached Bill Clinton …

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Burning questions and political links: Lisa, Lisa, Lisa

Burning question: Lisa Murkowski just made history. Why isn’t SHE the most talked about Republican woman in America, and an instant short-lister for a White House run? Just askin… And guess where Lisa is headed to tout her victory Wednesday … Continue reading

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Battle lines: Reid and McConnell choose strategies

The dies is cast for the political strategy for the midterms. Things aren’t gonna get much better, or more bipartisan, so both sides appear to be settling in, hunkering down, and preparing to fight it out, with distinct strategies emerging.

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Stay classy, GOP

It took about one minute for Indiana Congressman Mike Pence’s GOP Thanksgiving address to shift from “support the troops” and “give thanks,” to “Attack President Obama.” Per Raw Story: “We have much to be thankful for,” Pence began. But his … Continue reading

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Thank you, Joe Scarborough

I’m normally not a huge fan of Joe Scarborough, the Ronald Reagan and self-obsessed ego who drives MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” But sometimes, Joe just gets it right. In the overheated political climate we’re in, it’s hard sometimes to remember that … Continue reading

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Arlington speech snub excuse sounds familiar

You’ll recall that my two older children’s charter school defied the district-wide order and failed to show President Obama’s speech to fifth period students last week? Well apparently, the explanation given to me by the principal, and the proposed solution, … Continue reading

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Oh HELL no! My kids’ charter school refused to air the Obama speech

About this post? Major edit. My two older children attend a charter school in Broward County which apparently, despite the blanket decision made by the county school superintendent (which contained no opt-out order, though who knows whether that applies to … Continue reading

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Is Laura Bush the last sensible Republican in America?

Well … maybe her and Collin Powell… The first lady comments on today’s school address by President Obama, and shows why she is indeed George W. Bush’s better half:

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