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Pat Buchanan’s forked tongue: race talk bad, race talk very, very good…

Uncle Pat is at it again. His latest column criticizes President Jimmy Carter for supposedly bringing race into the debate over President Obama’s policies (hm… I thought Glenn Beck did that when he claimed that Obama “has a deep seated … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan’s lament: America’s not white enough

Uncle Pat is at it again. Having already used the “Republicans must gin up the white vote by any means necessary,” (including by stoking ethnic resentments against Barack Obama and Sonia Sotomayor) for a previous column, he now rolls out … Continue reading

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Ricci day at the Sotomayor hearings, and Uncle Pat’s master plan

Today, the longstanding grievances of oppressed white men will take center stage during the final day of confirmation hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor, as the Ricci “reverse discrimination” case, in which Judge Sonia Sotomayor ruled as part of a unanimous … Continue reading

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George Will says it all: neocon Obama critics wrong on Iran

You’re seeing the split again: neocon nuts versus actual conservatives, this time on the issue of Iran, in the persons of realists like Dick Lugar, old school ex-regime changers like (the awful) Henry Kissinger, and paleocons like Pat Buchanan and … Continue reading

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Stop making sense: Pat Buchanan on Obama and Iran

Pat Buchanan does it again, answering the neocon warmongering gobbledygook with a good, sensible column on the president’s response to Iran in Town Hall. His opening: The Obama policy of extending an open hand to Iran is working and ought … Continue reading

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Has Pat Buchanan jumped the shark on Sotomayor?

Pat, the Sons of Confederate Veterans member and jovial face of the white power movement, has written a new piece for Human Events (the desperate right wing magazine that keeps filling my in-box with pleas for money and conspiracy theories … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan vs. History

I read with interest Pat Buchanan’s latest column for the fast-failing Human Events (they keep sending me increasingly desperate fundraising emails, meaning they’re either on death’s door or mimicking those electronic stores that stage “Going Out of Business” sales every … Continue reading

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In case you missed it: Lawrence O’Donnell 1, Pat Buchanan 0

Pat, my friend, you’ve been served: Meanwhile, ASU prepares to back down on their absurd rejection of President Obama as worthy of an honorary degree. And the Huffpo asks, so how much money do you have to donate to get … Continue reading

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Stop making sense: Russo-Georgian edition

Every so often, crazy old Pat Buchanan makes a hell of a lot of sense: … American charges of Russian aggression ring hollow. Georgia started this fight — Russia finished it. People who start wars don’t get to decide how … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan’s very bad day

Former Nixon aide Patrick Buchanan is a very smart, very engaging guy. I really enjoy him on MSNBC, especially when he starts waving the hand, turning red and going apoplectic over Barack Obama’s supposed weaknesses with “hard working white folks.” … Continue reading

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