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**UPDATED: This week in douchebaggery: Jon Huntsman slimed by renegade Paulites


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Thursday’s Herald column: I worked with a Paulite

Just a few years ago, I got an up close and personal view of the Ron Paul belief system …

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When Ron Paul meets Michelle Bachman

Right wingers who think the tea party movement and the “Republican Revolution” are precisely on the same page watch out … I read a bit of Ron Paul’s “The Revolution: a Manifesto” this afternoon at Barnes and Nobles. Funny how … Continue reading

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The Axis of Crazy: Paulites, Palinites, teabaggers, militias and crackpot Pastor Anderson

The nexus of these groups is coming into focus. It seems that the origin of the wingnut ascendancy might be the failed, quirky candidacy of Ron Paul. More and more, the craziest forces on the right appear to be a … Continue reading

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