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This week’s Herald column: Demographics and the Florida GOP

  What keeps the campaign oppo folks who work for Rick Scott and the 2016 tinkerers around Marco Rubio up at night? It’s the demographics, stupid. (With a big hat tip to the boss, Steve Schale.)

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Remainders: Comey don’t play that

A flashback to a post on an old version of TRR, regarding one James Comey, soon to be nominated to be the next director of the FBI. Meanwhile, ricin was sent to Mayor Bloomberg and to the head of his … Continue reading

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Ladies and gentlemen, the totally non-partisan, apolitical tea party …

Were they right to use an algorithm to target people with “tea party” in their name? No. But did they have a legitimate reason to wonder whether the sudden upsurge in “tea party” 501(c)4s seemed suspicious, so maybe they should make sure there was no fraud going on? Yes. Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: the politics of work

Playing a bit of posting catch-up: here’s my column from Thursday on the GOP’s war on unions.

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It starts … John Boehner tries to assert himself, right wing freaks out

John Boehner finally did something ballsy today: he kicked four House Republicans off of key finance and budget committees, for bucking his leadership, including two who voted against the poor people smacking Ryan budget, not because it was too cruel, … Continue reading

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Today’s Herald column: change won’t come easy for the GOP

This week in the Herald, I explore the reasons why the conventional wisdom on the “new GOP” is likely wrong — and the party won’t be changing, or dramatically expanding its demographics, anytime soon… 

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This week’s Herald column: an election between two Americas

The column that spawned a world of hate male from members of Old America.

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Rebel with a cause: Bruce Springsteen gets specific about his politics in Rolling Stone

We’ve long known that The Boss is a Democrat (as he puts it, his mother told him as a kid that they were Democrats “because Democrats are for the working people.”) In the latest Rolling Stone, he explains his political … Continue reading

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Run, Charlie, run (with bonus DNC video)

Yes, Charlie Crist should run for Florida governor again. And he should do so as a Democrat.

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Republicans, led by Darrell Issa, vote to hold A.G. Eric Holder in contempt of Congress, for exacerbating the mental instability of Wayne LaPierre. 17 Democrats voted with the mob. 108 walked out. The Dems who voted with Issa were: Jason … Continue reading

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