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The alarm bells should be going off in GOPland right about now

A new set of data (yes, yes I know, they don’t “do” data…) offer bad, worse, and potentially catastrophic news for Republicans. Let’s start with the bad: The Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that Americans disapprove of the way congress … Continue reading

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This week’s Herald column: the good old media ‘tie’

Had to go in on the debate reaction, just a little bit.

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Is the election really over?

Michael Tomasky seems to think so.

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No freaking out about that Florida presidential poll

I know it’s tempting. But some perspective, please, when it comes to the poll showing the presidential race deadlocked in Florida.

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This is Mississippi

Frances Martel may not like it, but this slice of Mississippi life is … well … illuminating: March 9, 2012 Clip: Alexandra Pelosi Meanwhile …

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Newt’s swift decline

The chart that says it all:

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Polls, damned polls, and Mitt Romney

For quite some time, I’ve been of the mind that no matter how mad hatter the GOP primary became, and whatever fits the GOP base went through, they would ultimately, if reluctantly, settle for Mitt Romney, the way they settled … Continue reading

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Another GOP poll (and not a good one) this time on Hispanics

According to a new poll, Hispanic voters have one word to describe the GOP…

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Gingrich surge is bad news for Romney … and the GOP

Newt Gingrich is surging in several statewide poll, and that’s bad news for Mitt Romney, and for the Republican Party …

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Move over, Herman, Florida’s got a brand new bag

Gingrich … Behold, the polls …

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