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This is what people will remember from Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address

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The other fly in the tax cut deal ointment: Republicans

Think the angry left is the only group hating on the president’s tax cut deal? Think again, cuz hear come the Republicans…

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President honors vets, MObama surprises troops (and Bush promotes his book) **UPDATED**

… and George W. Bush promotes his book. Happy Veterans Day, America!

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Sorry Charlie (Cook): Obama approval at 57%

Last week, political guru Charlie Cook declared on “Hardball” that a then-new poll showing President Barack Obama’s approval ratings bounding into the mid-50s was an “outlier” poll, and that Obama’s real rating was much lower than that. Mm-hm. So what … Continue reading

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The truth about Van Jones

A DUer posts an interesting find. Jones, it seems, wasn’t pushed out by Glenn Beck. Beck was just the vehicle. The real pushers were anti-climate change advocates from, wait for it, the oil industry. From this DU post, which identified … Continue reading

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