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On this day in 2003…

On May 1, 2003, President George W. Bush declared “mission accomplished” in Iraq.

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Obama could create more jobs in 1 year than Bush did in 8

And that, my friends, is the quote of the week: If the economy produces jobs over the next eight months at the same pace as it did over the past four months, the nation will have created more jobs in … Continue reading

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Texas tea: 9/11 becomes an election issue

How many ironies can you pack into a single campaign? The current governor of Texas, who replaced George W. Bush when the latter went off to destroy the country … sorry, to be appointed … sorry again, to become president … Continue reading

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There WILL be prosecutions

According to Raw Story, Spain will move forward with prosecuting the Bush torture lawyers: A Spanish judge has decided to go ahead with the prosecution of six Bush administration lawyers — including former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales — who were … Continue reading

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Is Gonzo channeling Dubya against Cheney?

Alberto Gonzales wasn’t exactly what you’d call a “competent” attorney general. In fact, when he had the job, he seemed to think his role was to be the president’s lawyer, rather than ours. (In his defense, he did used to … Continue reading

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For the prosecution: the torture interviews

From the New York Review of books comes a chilling account of U.S. torture of terror suspects, gleaned from interviews with the arbiter of whether or not war crimes have taken place in a given conflict: the International Committee of … Continue reading

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Gates: Obama is … um … more analytical … than Bush

There was an awkward pause as SecDef Gates tried to answer the question of the difference between working for Dubya and working for President Obama on Meet the Press …

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Bush panned on the right for leaving Libby hanging

Add the neocon defenders of outing CIA agents to the list of people who can’t stand former President Bush: Former Vice President Dick Cheney disagreed publicly with his boss just four times in the eight years they served together. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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George Bush’s valedictory

George W. Bush gave his farewell address to the nation tonight. It was a sad, strange ending to a failed presidency, full of denial, self justification, self-soothing, and an apparent total lack of comprehension of just how bad the last … Continue reading

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The bonership society

The Bush administration 1.0 The New York Times digs into the housing mess, and finds a Bush in there. A clip: The president’s first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission promised a “kinder, gentler” agency. The second was pushed … Continue reading

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