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JFK’s liberal heresies: would today’s progressives oppose him?

Anti-Obama progressives who feel the president has not talked or behaved liberally or forcefully enough frequently cite the superiority of FDR — though that comparison is easily debunked by the real Roosevelt, as opposed to the mythical one. After that, … Continue reading

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**UPDATED: Barack Obama and the myth of the progressive ‘majorities’

To progressives who complain about Barack Obama “squandering” the progressive majorities he supposedly had going for him when he was elected president, I refer you to the following chart (from Wikipedia):

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Should the left be blamed for Dems losing the House?

The Atlantic (and Financial Times’) Clive Crook says yes: [S]uppose that the Democratic base had not been sulking. Suppose it saw, for example, that persisting with a historic healthcare reform was politically challenging in the middle of an economic crash. … Continue reading

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Obama in Rolling Stone: addresses public option, progressive frustration

A key passage from the Obama interview: What is true, and this is part of what can frustrate folks, is that over the past 20 months, we made a series of decisions that were focused on governance, and sometimes there … Continue reading

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Punking out on the public option

You’d think that a president whose party held majorities in both houses of Congress couldn’t be held hostage by a handful of talk show hosts and a minority party in the throes of a demographic death spiral. You’d be wrong. … Continue reading

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