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You were wrong, Ron Christie

Anyone who witnessed the uncomfortable moment on the Melissa Harris Perry show this morning when Republican strategist Ron Christie went after Democratic strategist and former Congressional Black Caucus general counsel Angela Rye on the question of whether there were racial … Continue reading

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Blacks and liberals, take 3: where is the love?

My third bite at the “black Obama supporters vs white liberals” kerfuffle, posted right now at TheGrio. In which I interview Eugene (Gene) Lyons, author of the “Melissa Harris Perry is a fool” / KKK column at Salon. Also talked … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin’s race-based Michelle Obama slam

If you had any doubts that a Sarah Palin presidential run would be a full-on, racially charged assault on the first family, dripping with references to Jeremiah Wright and accusations that the Obamas don’t really love America, this should remove … Continue reading

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Easy, Clarence … read the exit polls

My friend Clarence McKee, and I call him my friend because I really do like him, and even moreso his wife, who I used to work with, is one of those black Republicans who are over the moon at Jennifer … Continue reading

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The Florida Senate race goes from bizarre to ridiculous

So… Kendrick Meek has gone from saying he never ever had a conversation with anybody, especially former President Clinton, to admitting that he and Clinton kinda-sorta talked about the metaphysical concept of someone much like him theoretically dropping out of … Continue reading

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At TheGrio: Kaine asks Dems to stand with Obama one more time

My interview with DNC chairman Tim Kaine is live at TheGrio.com now. And while you’re there, read Dr. Wilmer J. Leon’s excellent piece on the Fox News right’s attempted ghettoization of Barack Obama.

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P.M. clicks: Beck’s white pride problem, and the amazing, super-fantastic, disappearing oil

How does a gazillion gallons of oil just disappear? Good question. Maybe someone should ask BP’s lawyers. Meanwhile, enjoy the cut-rate BP gasoline, if you can bear to belly up to the pump. Hitchens don’t fear the reaper. It took … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: Fox in the front row

The inside baseball buzz Sunday night was the Fox News, while not inheriting Helen Thomas’ chair in the White House briefing room (the chair went to the Associated Press) will move to the front row nonetheless. The better to quiz … Continue reading

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ICYMI: The unintentionally hilarious ‘Uni-Tea’ rally (featuring Andrew Breitbart)

And in case you’ve been wondering where soon-to-be plaintiff Andrew Breitbart has scurried off to …

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Burning questions: when Steele meets Breitbart

TPMDC is reporting that the RNC will hold a 3-day fundraising extravaganza in Beverly Hills next month, at which hip-hop Republican chairman Michael Steele will share opening night hosting duties with none other than right wing “media” blowtorch Andrew Breitbart … Continue reading

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