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Is Chris Matthews the most evolved white man in America?

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews often gets criticized for being quick at the lip, and sometimes he says things he later has to take back (often because people think they’re sexist.) But when it comes to race, Matthews is probably the only … Continue reading

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Oh for Pete’s sake … Reid apologizes AGAIN

… and highlights his civil rights record. You know what I’d like to see Harry apologize for? Letting Joe Lieberman keep his gavel. Okay, fellas, time to move along. I know there’s got to be some news to report out … Continue reading

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Was Harry Reid right?

UPDATE: The Democratic push-back against Reid’s GOP critics is about to kick into high gear. Republicans go after the race issue at their peril… Republicans apparently are apparently determined to try and make political hay out of the remarks by … Continue reading

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Will the Cablinasian community rise to Tiger’s defense?

**UPDATE: More blonde bombshells for Tiger … details at the end of the post. (sigh) ** An AP article by a reporter named Jesse Washington states that Tiger’s multiple flings with non-black women are causing agita within the African-American community. … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: ‘THESE black people love me!’

Some guy named Brian Reynolds has done us the considerable favor of declaring all talk of Glenn Beck’s racism to be dead, dead, dead, following the re-airing of his November-era town hall for black conservatives, dubbed “Time to be Heard!” … Continue reading

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Harlem gospel choir just says no to Glenn Beck

… leading inquiring minds to ask: why would Glenn “Obama hates white people” Beck want to have a black choir singing for him anyway? And I guess we’ve finally figured out what Glenn thinks the appropriate place for Black people … Continue reading

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So, about that leprosy thing…

Sometimes the jokes just write themselves. From Politico: Perhaps thinking of a future political career, former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs softened his harsh anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric during an interview Tuesday, telling the viewers of the Spanish-speaking network Telemundo that “I … Continue reading

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From black to white: Sammy Sosa pulling a Michael Jackson?

So … Sammy Sosa is a white dude now? Check out the change in his complexion, from his early days to a Vegas appearance last week: Something’s definitely up. But according to a friend of Sosa’s it’s not vitiligo … … Continue reading

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Along comes Al (as Rush breaks out his violin)

First it’s the head of the NFL Player’s Union, (and several past and current players themselves) and now, Al Sharpton is throwing his weight behind the push to bar Rush Limbaugh from the NFL owners’ fraternity. Here we go … … Continue reading

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Head of NFL players’ union: say no to Limbaugh

The hits keep coming as racist talk show host Rush Limbaugh seeks to buy into an NFL team that still has black people on the roster. This time, the opponent is the head of the union representing the players who … Continue reading

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