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An open letter to Cathy Hughes

Paul Porter breaks it down: Few are in the position to empower, organize and inform millions of people that are thirsting for content, information and representation. Black radio needs voices now more than ever. Rush Limbaugh, is a prime example … Continue reading

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Give that man a raise! Radio One loses $11 millie

It’s the first law of radio: every time Shadio One loses money, CEO Alfred Liggins and his mama get a raise. So how much will Cathy Hughes’ radio conglomerate pay Alfred for this: RADIO ONE has reported its results for … Continue reading

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Ouch! Dionne Warwick back-hands Cathy Hughes

Radio One founder Cathy Hughes has perfected the “woe is me” — meanwhile, she’s sharpened her knives to put a hurting on anyone who dares to support paying musical artists royalties for playing their songs on the radio. Hughes loves … Continue reading

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Shadio One slimes John Conyers

I just got a call from my friend Paul Porter, alerting me to a new twist in Radio One’s ongoing jihad against Rep. John Conyers’ Performance Rights Act, a bill that would bring the U.S. into line with every other … Continue reading

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