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Scott Walker on the brink: 500,000 recall sigs in 28 days

For Scott Walker, a recall election is now all-but inevitable.

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Five questions for Tuesday

Tuesday is the day Occupy Wall Street marches on Rupert Murdoch and Jamie Dimon (boy is Dimon gonna be even MORE whiney now…) Here are five other things to think about.

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Wisconsin Dems: Walker recall still on

Democrats may have lost the battle to retake the Wisconsin Senate Tuesday, but they’re still fighting the war: against Gov. Scott Walker.

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**UPDATE: Waukesha strikes again: Democrats take two out of three in WI recalls

UPDATE 2: Alberta Darling pulled it out late Tuesday night, holding onto the seat Wisconsin Democrats most wanted to claim.

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Today’s Herald column: Rick Scott, Carlos Alvarez and ‘recall fever’

I’ll bet Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Alvarez never thought he’d be leaving his job like this – on the business end of the biggest recall in the U.S. since Californians dumped Gray Davis (and wound up with the Governator.) But could … Continue reading

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See ya! Miami-Dade mayor, commissioner ousted in recall landslide

In the end, it wasn’t even close.

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What’s next in Wisconsin

Now that Scott Walker and his Republican majority in the Wisconsin assembly and state Senate have essentially busted that state’s public sector unions, the war between the Koch-backed Republicans and working men and women moves to its next phase.

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How is Rick Scott like Mark Sanford? Plus: Kriseman says citizens might have to take up recall

Fear not. I seriously doubt anyone will be “hiking the Appalachian trail” with this guy anytime soon. But Florida’s governor does have some things in common with the disgraced former governor of South Carolina…

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UPDATE 2: Rick Scott vs. 30,000 rail jobs: when in doubt, slap ‘Obama’ on it

UPDATE 2: It seems the most pressing issue inside Gollum’s lair is whether to bounce back from the bipartisan shellacking he’s taking over exporting up to 30,000 jobs to New York or California, apparently after taking a meeting with tea … Continue reading

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Michael Moore: ‘punish Connecticut’ (plus: can you recall a Senator?)

… for electing Joe Lieberman. The filmmaker Tweeted for a boycott of the state unless it initiates a recall of the duplicitous Indepdent Senator, who it’s clear will pay no price for gutting healthcare reform on behalf of his state’s … Continue reading

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