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Is Rifqa Bary the right’s Elian Gonzales?

This is one of those stories that gets lost in the whirlwind of 24-hour news about healthcare hysteria, town hall tom-foolery, tea party cranks and intemperate House members acting up during a joint session of Congress (unless you watch Fox … Continue reading

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Arizona Black gun nut linked to pastor who wants Obama dead, ‘melted like a snail’

Remember Chris? He’s probably the only Black man in America who could wade through a crowd of white people, visibly strapped with an assault rifle, and not get shot (or at least catch a serious official beat-down.) On a more … Continue reading

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For the prosecution: Don Rumsfeld and the Bush Bible briefings

More news from the Dr. Strangelove era in American politics. GQ nails the Pentagon’s Jesus briefers, and paints Don Rumsfeld as perhaps the worst Defense Secretary EVER.

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Pew survey finds Christians back lions in torture debate

The Pew survey so many people are talking and blogging about, which found that the more a person goes to church in America, the more likely they are to support the use of torture. Jack Cafferty dealt with it in … Continue reading

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Meg Whitman??? … and other thoughts on the Rick Warren presidential forum

My initial impression of the Rick Warren “civil discussion” tonight featuring one hour each for Barack Obama and John McCain is that the forum, and particularly the questions, did seem tailor made for McCain, which isn’t surprising because Warren, like … Continue reading

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Hagee to Catholics: you don’t like the term "Great Whore," eh?

John McCain’s friend, televangelist John Hagee, says sorry to Catholics for calling their religion “The Great Whore”, at least, he’s sorry they took it badly. |

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Talk about Rovian tactics…

Barack Obama greeting crowds in Kenya in August 2006.You won’t see this photo circulated by the Clinton campaign… So Hillary is pissed that Barack Obama’s campaign circulated mailers that pointed out that she’s prepared to garnish wages to achieve mandated, … Continue reading

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