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Today’s Herald column: Paul Ryan and the Gospel of Selfishness

In which I take on Paul Ryan and his devotion to Ayn Randism…

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This is Mississippi

Frances Martel may not like it, but this slice of Mississippi life is … well … illuminating: March 9, 2012 Clip: Alexandra Pelosi Meanwhile …

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This JFK speech makes Rick Santorum want to hurl

It’s a remarkable reaction, to a remarkable speech.

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On the wrong side of rapture; believers’ hopes dashed **UPDATED**

Sure, most people are having a lot of fun with Harold Camping’s “wrong-way rapture” prediction fail. But for Camping’s true believers, the rapture that didn’t happen was potentially devastating — in at least one case, life-threatening.

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Apocalypse now? 5 explanations Harold Camping can use if the world doesn’t end tonight

Noted “end of the world” expert Harold Egbert Camping is waiting on the rapture. Just in case he hasn’t been good enough to skip the tribulation, of course, he’s stashed about $70 million of the Devil’s lucre. But if he … Continue reading

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(Video) Franklin Graham can’t say Holocaust Jews would go to heaven

So, Franklin Graham, the Official Ministerial Supporter of Donald “Effing” Trump, goes on Bill O’Reilly’s show and pretty much gives Christianity a bad name … again.

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Those whom Jesus loved: God, government, rich and poor (plus Video from the ‘This Week’ debate)

Whether you’re a believer, or just viewing it philosophically, who has the greater love of God: the rich, who many modern Christian churches say are blessed, as evidenced by their wealth and success, or the poor, who the Jesus of … Continue reading

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Cote d’Ivoire: C is for ‘chocolate,’ ‘colonialism’ and also ‘C Street’

The war you barely heard about, in the African nation of Cote d’Ivoire, turns out to have been about more than just the presidency of the world’s biggest cocoa producer. It was also about religion: Christians vs Muslims, and the … Continue reading

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Sports & Religion: BYU Star player suspended for sex with girlfriend

Attention high school basketball stars considering an offer from Brighan Young University: you’re going to want to read the fine print…

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The Gospel of Barack **UPDATED with president’s full remarks

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Count me among those who don’t see why American presidents are required to make public protestations of their Christian faith. But as civic sermons go, Obama’s robust defense … Continue reading

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