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Isn’t this a lovely day to pretend to repeal healthcare reform?

So … House Republicans will hold have held their big “repeal the job-killingcrushing bruising healthcare law” vote today. (Spoiler alert: it passed!) And how HOW doin?

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Finally, Dems mount a defense of healthcare reform

The White House begins mounting its healthcare reform defense, two days before House Republicans plan a symbolic repeal vote. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius gets things stared with an op-ed piece in, among other places I assume, the … Continue reading

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Repeal is the new litmus test, and McCollum’s cynical ploy

TPM has a good run-down of the new right wing litmus test: repeal or else! … which has been the running theme of RedState for more than a week. So just how cynically political is the ploy? So cynical Charlie … Continue reading

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