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This week’s Herald column: Demographics and the Florida GOP

  What keeps the campaign oppo folks who work for Rick Scott and the 2016 tinkerers around Marco Rubio up at night? It’s the demographics, stupid. (With a big hat tip to the boss, Steve Schale.)

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This week’s Herald column: Charlie Crist or bust?

Cartoon from the Crowley Political Report This week’s column tackles the political reality that some Florida Democrats would rather not face…

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Today’s Herald column: will the 2012 election be Rick Scott’s Waterloo (and Charlie Crist’s opportunity)?

In my Herald column this week, I explore the many ways in which Florida once again screwed up the election — and it (once again) didn’t even matter. But you know who it might matter to?

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Run, Charlie, run (with bonus DNC video)

Yes, Charlie Crist should run for Florida governor again. And he should do so as a Democrat.

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Wait… Somebody thought Rick Scott was the walking dead?

Actually yes.

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This week’s Herald column: GOP gaming the vote

A clip: An insidious trend has emerged over the last several election cycles, whereby the Republican Party, faced with looming demographic Armageddon, has found ever more creative ways to kneecap the opposing team. In shorthand: The game is that if … Continue reading

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Um … Rick Scott uses Holocaust quote to defend Bain Capital … seriously


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Tea Party Express: Scott Walker, Nikki Haley and Rick Scott are ‘martyrs’

From the in-box, an urgent message to the tea party faithful, from the Koch family Tea Party Express …

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Take that, little people: Rick Scott enjoys his cheap, taxpayer subsidized healthcare

When it comes to getting cheap health coverage for your family, it’s good to be the governor.

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(Video) ICYMI: Rick Scott gets the business (and the pink slips) at the donut shop

In case you’ve not been paying attention, Florida governor Rick Scott is not popular. Watch as a group of protesters hand him pink slips while he pretends to work like one of the little people, as part of his image … Continue reading

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