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Allen West unplugged: vows to bring left ‘to its knees’ (plus: West’s greatest hits)

And you thought Joyce Kaufman was the crazy one … The man who would have been right wing shock jock Joyce Kaufman’s boss in Washington, newly minted Congressman-elect Allen West, issued a sober statement in response to her withdrawing as … Continue reading

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Obama calles Quran burning stunt ‘a recruitment bonanza for al-Qaida’

President Obama waded into the controversy over a Gainesville pastor’s plan to burn copies of the Quran on September 11, calling the action a “stunt” that could trigger “serious violence” against American troops in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and that would … Continue reading

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Sink, Scott, other Florida candidates (finally) weigh in on ‘Burn a Koran’ stunt **UPDATED**

From the in-box, Alex Sink has issued a statement condemning the planned “Burn a Koran Day” at the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, FL, associating herself with Gen. Petraeus’ warnings about the publicity stunt: “I stand with General Petraeus in … Continue reading

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In Quran burning controversy, Angelina Jolie to the rescue? **UPDATE: A Florida pol (finally) weighs in

So… this pastor won’t listen to General Petraeus, but he might be convinced not to inflame the Muslim world by burning Qurans on 9/11 by the woman who nicked Jen Aniston’s man? Jolie was asked about the controversy while on … Continue reading

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Fox News’ new boogey”man”: Big … Mexican … Women

They’re Rubinesque … they’re from South of the Border … and they’re coming for you. Las Mexicanas Grandisimas are the most dangerous thing this side of jalapeño-loaded chili indigestion. Fear the future, my friends. Or face it … if you … Continue reading

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Sharron Angle’s war on fluoride

Watch your asses, Commie fluoridators. This tea party lady’s got … your … number.

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Chicken Run: Sue Lowden tries to escape ‘chickens for check-ups’

… but she can’t.

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Wingers re Muslim Miss USA: this is a Big F’ing Conspiracy **UPDATED**

An Arab-American, Muslim Miss U.S.A.? … Cue the Michelle Malkin pathetic, eye-bulging hateration, and of course, the conspiracy theory of the day: Meanwhile, Miss Oklahoma lost out after expressing support for Arizona’s immigration enforcement law and celebrating states’ rights: (Although … Continue reading

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Video: Alex Jones goes bat crap crazy(er) over ‘Machete’

Summary: Prison Planet conspiracy overlord Alex Jones thinks the new Robert Rodriguez “Mexploitation” movie “Machete” is real — it’s not a movie at all, friends, but rather government-produced propaganda designed to start a white-brown race war. (Plus it’s got Robert … Continue reading

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ICYMI: Robert Gibbs smacks Fox reporter with Brownie’s tinfoil hat

Yesterday during the midday briefing, President Obama’s press secretary Robert Gibbs had a keeper of an exchange with Fox “News” reporter Wendell Goler, who wanted to know, surprise! … whether the Gulf oil gusher is “Obama’s Katrina.” Gibbs took the … Continue reading

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