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For Breitbart: things fall apart …

Andrew Breitbart launched BigGovernment and BigHollywood.com to try and force the mainstream media to cover stories conservatives care about. He’s had some high profile successes, even taking down ACORN (they were cleared of all wrongdoing, but only after being stripped … Continue reading

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Newspaper to run (grudging) apology for Obamas ‘Sanford & Son’ spread

They depicted the president and first lady as Fred Sanford and Aunt Esther in a group photo spread about first couples, but of course, the right wing newspaper’s publisher insists it’s not at all racist. … which is why he’s … Continue reading

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Mediaite owes President Obama an apology

Now that their Republican wunderkind reporter Frances Martel has been forced to pull back her story, the editors of Mediaite should apologize, to the president, for trecking in this tabloid trash, to Ms. Baker, who has also been smeared by … Continue reading

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Mediaite’s Ann Coulter, Frances Martel, and the Obama ‘affair’ smear **UPDATE**

Meet Frances Martel, former College Republican, trailblazing sports writer, and the young reporter who single-handedly damaged a nascent new media brand. Martel’s breathless rush to reprint a tabloid rumor about President Obama would be bad enough on TMZ (which by … Continue reading

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Really, Mediaite?

UPDATE: Mediaite’s reporter was ‘Harvard’s Ann Coulter’ Let me just state for the record that I like, and frequently visit Dan Abrams’ media and politics site Mediate, and aside from its seeming obsession with naval gazing Fox News (and protecting … Continue reading

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