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This week’s Herald column: Rafael runs the shutdown, Rush rules the party

In this week’s column, the media-political convergence between El Rushbo and Rafael the Canadian (AKA Ted Cruz) explains the shutdown, and the small band of House kamikazes who won’t let our government go.

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This week’s Herald column: New America held hostage, by Old America

They aren’t going to secede …

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‘Friends of Hamas’, Breitbart’s ghost, and what’s really wrong with the right

So … Chuck Hagel has no ties to a group called “Friends of Hamas.” Ahem …

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Rick Santorum finally reaches his logical conclusion

He is exactly where he should be …

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The Daily Caller / Drudge / Hannity major fail: Obama’s 2007 speech is really … uplifting (full video)

Based on this BLARING HEADLINE and eerily blurred screen capture, you’d think Barack Obama stood up and declared death to white America …

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Mitt Romney’s leadership challenge: supporter accuses Obama of treason

… what does Mitt do, when one of his supporters goes to far? Watch: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy And why it matters…

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Ted Nugent: draft dodger (deadbeat dad and creepy ‘teen dater’ too)

Ted Nugent is not only standing by his violent rhetoric regarding the president, he doubled down today, which is why the Secret Service will be paying him a visit Thursday. But for all his tough guy, gunslinging rhetoric, the real … Continue reading

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Joe Scarborough calls out Daily Call… er… Conservative attackers of Trayvon

Morning Joe Scarborough calls out the right wing websites and personalities who have made a cause of vilifying Trayvon Martin. Helloooo, Tucker Carlson!

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Operation: ‘Get Newt’

The conservative establishment is coming for Newt Gingrich …

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Today’s Herald column: run, Allen, run

Allen West said he has “cracked the door open” on a U.S. Senate run. I say “go for it.”

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