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Report: Roger Ailes hatched Fox News idea while working in the Nixon White House

A Gawker reporter unearths a memo that may prove Roger Ailes cooked up the idea for what would later become Fox News while working in the Nixon White House; an idea he termed “putting the GOP on TV news.”

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*UPDATE: Roger Ailes to be indicted? Judith Regan tapes could spell trouble for Fox chief

Last week’s bombshell report about Roger Ailes asking publisher Judith Regan to lie to investigators about an affair with NYC police chief Bernie Kerik, in order to protect Rudy Giuliani’s presidential bid, could soon produce another headline: Roger Ailes indicted.

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Ailes unplugged: Obama a Socialist, NPR run by Nazis, Jon Stewart ‘crazy’ (but Fox still ‘fair and balanced!’)

The breathless fawning of Colby Hall and the other Fox apologists at Mediaite aside, no serious person believes any more that Fox “News” is either a news channel, or a source of “fair and balanced” information. But what Fox is, … Continue reading

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Roger Ailes: fear and loathing in America

The New York Times’ profile of Fox News Channel’s Roger Ailes reveals that he’s one scary dude. Even the Murdochs seem to be afraid of him. Meanwhile, page two of the piece seems to reveal something else: Roger Ailes IS … Continue reading

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