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Remember that time Ron Paul stood in front of a confederate flag and said the south was right?

No? Well here you go … (hat tip to News One)

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New Hampshire primary: five takeaways

As expected, Mitt Romney won the New Hampshire primary, making him the first Republican presidential candidate to win both Iowa and New Hampshire since New Hampshire became the first in the nation primary in 1976. That’s the good news for … Continue reading

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The NBC New Hampshire debate: five takeaways

The last debate before the New Hampshire primary is a wrap. Here are TRR’s five takeaways…

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**UPDATED: This week in douchebaggery: Jon Huntsman slimed by renegade Paulites


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Iowa caucus: It’s Romney by a hair

If it’s possible to win without coming off looking like a winner, Mitt Romney pulled it off last night.

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The Iowa three-way (with bonus video)

Polls show the Iowa caucuses heading to a three way bunching: with Mitt Romney sharing the lead with Evangelical favorite Rick Santorum and Libertarian gadfly Ron Paul.

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Should Glenn Greenwald have to own the Ron Paul blue plate special?

Salon writer Glenn Greenwald insists he’s not a Cato Instituter (he just writes for them from time to time) — though he clearly appears to be a Libertarian, and a guy with a particular fondness for Ron Paul.

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Thursday’s Herald column: I worked with a Paulite

Just a few years ago, I got an up close and personal view of the Ron Paul belief system …

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Ouch … Bachmann’s Iowa co-chair dumps her for Ron Paul

Now, that’s not nice, Mr. Sorenson …

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The real bottom line on the Paul newsletters: race-baiting for power and profit

Of all the nasty revelations about the newsletters Ron Paul published during the late 1980s and early 90s (for a profit of nearly a million dollars) … Reason Magazine uncovers what is perhaps the ugliest truth of all…

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