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A noun, a verb and 9/11: Lawrence O’Donnell rewrites Rudy Giuliani

Required viewing ahead of the 9/11 anniversary, as Rudy Giuliani ramps up his 9/11 industry … again… Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy And …

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*UPDATE: Roger Ailes to be indicted? Judith Regan tapes could spell trouble for Fox chief

Last week’s bombshell report about Roger Ailes asking publisher Judith Regan to lie to investigators about an affair with NYC police chief Bernie Kerik, in order to protect Rudy Giuliani’s presidential bid, could soon produce another headline: Roger Ailes indicted.

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Rick Scott blasts McCollum ties to ‘pro-homosexuality’ Rudy Giuliani, Jim Greer

What’s a little drag, now and then, and a couple of gay roommates between friends? Apparently, the smoke monster disapproves of Rudy’s “attitude” toward “the gay,” and he’s hitting Bill McCollum for hanging around with the New York reprobate (funny … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: Morning jerk, Florida is the new Texas, Erickson’s freak-out, and the WV mine

The unending joke that is Rudy Giuliani was on “Morning Joe” this morning, and got a proper skewering from Arianna Huffington, over his endorsement of Bernie Kerik, the felon, for homeland security secretary. Arianna was asking whether someone who thought … Continue reading

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Morning clicks: Glenn Beck’s civil war, Bachman-Palin overdrive, Crist talks ‘hot mess’

Hope everybody had a happy Easter if that’s what you celebrate! (Or passover). Here are the a.m. clicks for a manic Monday. Well here’s an idea whose time has come: Glenn Beck writing a novel for his whacked out followers … Continue reading

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Is a Rudy Giuliani endorsement worth anything?

I mean, he did so well in his run for president with that Florida firewall strategy … he’s like, really respected for his noun and verb usage when it comes to terrorism (even if he can’t remember when the actual … Continue reading

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Remainders: Sarah Palin: like Reagan, only dumber, Rudy won’t be ‘America’s governor,’ and more

Missed this one yesterday in the blizzard of co-dependent, obsessive media coverage of Sarah Palin: she now says “death panels” aren’t really “panels of death,” just like the Soviet Union wasn’t really an evil empire … see how that works? … Continue reading

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Who you gonna call? Charlie!

If you were going to quit your governorship in mid-stream, and you were a winger, who would you call? If you’re Sarah Palin, add Rudy Giuliani (hopefully he didn’t propose to her too much… or drool into the phone about … Continue reading

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Aunt Rudy’s war on gay marriage

He’ll nip it in the bud, he will! Then again, maybe gay marriage will give Rudy a little nip! Meanwhile, Rudy’s anti-gay marriage stance, as he preps for a run for governor (perhaps against Andrew Cuomo after Cuomo smacks down … Continue reading

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The final word on the Bush years

The final quarter of the Bush era was as bad as you thought it was … almost… The economy shrank at a 3.8 percent pace at the end of 2008, the worst showing in a quarter-century, as the deepening recession … Continue reading

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