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The Daily Caller / Drudge / Hannity major fail: Obama’s 2007 speech is really … uplifting (full video)

Based on this BLARING HEADLINE and eerily blurred screen capture, you’d think Barack Obama stood up and declared death to white America …

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Uncorked: DeMint, Hannity and Beck make it a three-fer


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Common sense: Dear media, please stop playing the right’s phony, racially tinged controversy game

If Sean Hannity poses a question, there’s a good chance there’s nothing newsworthy in the answer.

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The last video of T-Pain’s short, annoying career?

He’s been Bossip’s “coon of the day” and he got clowned this morning on the Ricky Smiley morning show for allowing himself to become Sean Hannity’s hand puppet (even Fox News worshipping Mediaite labeled him a sell-out) … but in … Continue reading

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Fox News: the assassination station

… Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and others have appeared from time to time on { } shows. … Unfortunately, these episodic, and usually fleeting, appearances do not begin to match — let alone to … Continue reading

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Sean Hannity’s fraudster

Remember back in the day, during the campaign, when Sean Hannity would try like hell to tie Barack Obama to every potentially shady character in Chicago, including Tony Rezko, not to mention to “terrorist” Bill Ayers? Um … Sean? We … Continue reading

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What the crazies are reading

An update on that church shooter in Knoxville, Tennessee. ThinkP has a peek at his reading list: Jim Adkisson, the man who shot two people to death in a Tennessee Unitarian church this week because he was angry at “liberals … Continue reading

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Stephanopoulos comes to his own defense

George says, “why no, I’m not carrying water for Sean Hannity OR Hillary …that WAS water, wasn’t it guys…?” Amid a storm of criticism that Wednesday’s Democratic presidential debate focused too heavily on “gotcha” questions and not enough on substance, … Continue reading

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Have a beer with Steve Doocy’s son!

ABC News isn’t the only network getting secret face time for Fox News spawn. MSNBC apparently got into the act, though perhaps by accident, when Steve Doocy’s boy made the clip that Chris Matthews and Company just can’t stop playing…

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Sean Hannity, ABC prep man

ThinkProgress has the audio of George Stephanopoulos’ guest turn on Sean Hannity’s show on Tuesday, in which he received his insturctions on nailing Barack Obama on the William Ayers story that Hannity has been peddling relentlessly both on Fox News, … Continue reading

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