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This was not John McCain’s finest hour…

Senator McCain came to the Senate hearings to bury his former friend and brother in arms Chuck Hagel, and to demand that Hagel bow down before the awesomeness of McCain’s beloved Iraq “surge.” And in so doing, he further buried … Continue reading

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As lame duck session begins, questions for Democrats

One question for Democrats as they kick off the last months of the 11th Congress: can they find a way to speed the glacial pace of action in the Senate? Another: is Nancy Pelosi the only man left on Capitol … Continue reading

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Sold. Democrats prepare to hand 30 million Americans over to Big Insurance (and control of the party to Joe Lieberman)

Tonight, a rumpled looking (well to be fair, he’s always rumpled looking) Sherrod Brown was sent out in front of the cameras to Keith Olbermann’s show to try and sell “Countdown’s” liberal audience on how all of their hard work … Continue reading

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Bill Nelson votes against the Rockefeller public option, will support Schumer’s version

UPDATE: Nelson is speaking now, and has said he will support Chuck Schumer’s version, which is less robust, but more “consumer driven.” Nelson has been slippery on his stance on healthcare reform, but had recently indicated he liked the Schumer … Continue reading

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The CNN torture echo chamber

Has CNN adopted an editorial policy of ignoring altogether, the finding reported last week by McClatchy, that the serial torture of “high value detainees” Khalid Sheikh Muhammad and Abu Zubaydah was done not to prevent another terrorist attack, but rather … Continue reading

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Obama vs. the Incrementalists

With Obama having traveled to Capitol Hill today to try and sell his omnibus budget, we’re witnessing a singular spectacle in American politics. Namely, the same legislators who brought you $1.3 trillion in deficits, who greenlighted any and everything George … Continue reading

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Why does Susan Collins hate school children?

One of the signature themes of the Senate Don Corleone, Susan Collins’, lording of the economic recovery plan, is that she is dead set against spending money to reconstruct schools. What gives? … after working most of Tuesday night, members … Continue reading

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Deal reached on the economic recovery plan (and nobody’s happy about it)

From MSNBC: WASHINGTON – Moving with lightning speed, key lawmakers announced agreement Wednesday on a $789 billion economic stimulus measure designed to create millions of jobs in a nation reeling from recession. President Barack Obama could sign the bill within … Continue reading

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Step one: take out everything House Republicans asked for

The negotiations are moving along on the House-Senate economic revitalization conference bill. Andrea Mitchell just reported that the gist of the changes are to add back in state grants that were stripped in the Senate (and we know the White … Continue reading

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Diluted Senate bill passes

The vote was 61-36, with Snowe, Collins and Specter being the three GOPers on board, as expected. Meanwhile, John McCain continues to snipe at the kids on his lawn…

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