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Shep Smith rants about Mitt reacting to Newt

What’s better than a Shep Smith rant? … not much First, from Wednesday’s show, Shep reacts to Newt Gingrich “suspending” his campaign …

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Stop making sense! Shep Smith breaks down Wisconsin … on Fox?

How does this guy get through a segment without Roger Ailes ordering the studio staff to cut his microphone? Listen as Shep does something quite rare on Fox “News” — he tells the whole truth about what’s happening in Wisconsin.

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Fox’s Shep Smith on Breitbart: ‘we do not trust the source’

A blunt, stunning commentary on the Shirley Sherrod fiasco from the only sensible person at Fox News. Shep Smith explains why Andrew Breitbart’s material won’t be shown on his show. Smith calls Breitbart’s website “widely discredited,” saying it has had … Continue reading

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How much longer can Shep Smith take it?

Fox News’ lonely champion of “fair and balanced” reporting continues to fight the good fight: We’re with you, Shep. And when you’ve finally had enough and leave Fox News, I’ll be sure to tune in to your next gig.

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