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**UPDATED: Game over? Axelrod signals, White House denies, capitulation on Bush tax cuts

If this Huffpo report is true, it’s fair to say the president has all but given away 2012, because his base won’t stand for it. UPDATE: The White House is pushing back on the story, telling Greg Sargent the Huffpo … Continue reading

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Read this: if the Bush tax cuts live, the economy, incomes die

Per Ezra Klein today: CBO Director Doug Elmendorf testified before the Senate Budget Committee today and dropped something of a bombshell. Extending the Bush tax cuts, he said, will “probably reduce income relative to what would otherwise occur in 2020.” The … Continue reading

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(Video) Joy on CNBC: debating tax cuts (and fighting my lenses)

Watch my contact lens start a revolution during my debate with Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore.

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Boehner tries to walk back from the blink

It’s on. John Boehner broke this morning under the terrifying interrogation of Bob Schieffer, saying he’d vote to extend just the tax cuts for the middle class and leave aside the cuts for CEOs “if that’s the only way” to … Continue reading

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Obama’s problem is Democrats; the GOP’s problem is tax cuts

I read through this entire, long, dismal, “Democrats are doomed,” “Obama’s in trouble” article just to find these two paragraphs: Obama may also benefit from limited enthusiasm about the Republican alternatives. While the share of adults who said they trust … Continue reading

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