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Jonathan Capehart stands by my Grover Norquist correction

On Tuesday’s “Now with Alex,” Alex Wagner tried mightily to get Grover Norquist to answer a simple question: whether closing tax loopholes is the same as raising someone’s taxes, since both result in that person paying more money to Uncle … Continue reading

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Because it’s NOT a tax…

Romney advisor Eric Fehrnstrom corrects me … and also the entire Republican Party. Oops.

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Extending the payroll tax cut is so simple … why doesn’t the GOP get it?

Why is this so complicated?

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How to beat a billionaire (or, enter the ‘Buffett rule’)

If you’re fighting against a very rich man, in a very deep economic malaise, the best way to beat the rich man is simply to point him out.

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ICYMI: Warren Buffet’s ‘stop coddling the super-rich’

Let’s just go ahead and call it this year’s must-read.

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Tax the rich! Polls show a majority want to tax millionaires, leave Medicare, Medicaid alone

The Club for Growth isn’t gonna like this, but when you ask Americans how they’d balance the budget, they’re answer is clear: raise taxes on rich people.

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(Video) Tax jam: polls, panels, Lawrence O’Donnell … and a pie chart! **UPDATE**

**UPDATE: The House Democratic caucus has voted to reject the president’s tax cut deal. Developing… Note: Still waiting on the Miami Herald to update the opinion page online. When they do, I’ll post my column from today, on the Obama … Continue reading

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**UPDATE: How they’ll do it: House to vote on middle class tax cuts today (and can’t Senate use reconciliation?)

UPDATE 2: The word of the day … is “chickencrap!” UPDATE: A test vote on the middle class tax cut provision in the House has passed, with 30 Democrats defecting and voting “no” with Republicans. ORIGINAL POST: David Waldman of … Continue reading

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If you gave Diddy a million-dollar tax cut…

… how many jobs would he create?

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Senate Republicans’ plan: borrow $4 trillion from China for CEO tax cuts

The Senate GOP has unveiled its genius plan to fix the economy: double the deficit, borrow $3.9 trillion from china, slash the estate tax, and give CEOs, millionaires and billionaires $100,000 each. The benefits, you see, will trickle down to … Continue reading

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