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(Video and vote) Kanye West, Taylor Swift in VMA showdown

The longest collective sympathy crush in history may have come to a merciful end last night, as singer Taylor Swift finally got the opportunity to turn her year-old confrontation with Kanye West into a Video Music Awards moment of her … Continue reading

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Happy New Year! … Now please, go away (5 people I’d like to see less of in 2010)

They rocked the headlines in 2009, and were in our faces via the teevee every bloody time we turned around. Here’s to the ten I’d like to see less of this year: 5. Taylor Swift — Yes, yes, cute and … Continue reading

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POTUS calls Kanye a ‘jackass’

Is this gonna require another White House backyard luncheon, because I don’t think Kanye drinks beer… It all happened during an off-the-record portion of an interview Obama was doing on CNBC. After presumably watching the interview (perhaps on a feed … Continue reading

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Was Kanye West’s Taylor Swift dis a publicity stunt, or was he drunk?

The self-absorbed rapper was reportedly booted from the VMAs after the episode (and after a stern talking to by Swift’s mom.) So was this a publicity stunt, designed to move more Kanye West albums (or at least get people talking … Continue reading

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