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Tea parties look to Colonial Williamsburg for leadership

Okay, I swear, this is my last tea party post of the day. But I just couldn’t resist. This is just laugh out loud hysterical and it’s too damned funny to pass up. From the WaPo (with a h/t to … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Mark Williams CANCELS CNN ‘colored’ letter interview

UPDATE: CNN is reporting that Mark Williams, spokesman for the Tea Party Express, who along with his group have been expelled from the national Tea Party Federation, has canceled his scheduled interview with Don Lemon, which was to take place … Continue reading

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The grifter: Glenn Beck wanted to charge 8/28 rally attendees

A line from the lengthy Politico exegesis on Glenn Beck stands out for its, well, its illuminating nature regarding Beck’s blatant hucksterism when it comes to his followers. Regarding his August 28 “Let’s Pee on MLK” rally, Politico’s Kenneth Vogel … Continue reading

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How Ben Jealous beat the tea parties **UPDATED**

The pundit class can go back and forth over whether the NAACP tea party resolution backfired or didn’t, but thanks to one Mark Williams, this fight is over. We can now declare a winner.

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UPDATE: Mark Williams deletes ‘colored people’ letter, says NAACP has learned their lesson **UPDATED**

Tea Party Express “organizer” Mark Williams feels that he has taught Ben Jealous a lesson, and now that Jealous has learned the error of his ways, Williams will grant him detente. Williams has deleted the “letter from the colored people” … Continue reading

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Mark Williams ‘explains’, defends ‘Colored people’ post

The media has so far been silent about Tea Party Express chieftan Mark Williams’ crass “letter from colored people to President Lincoln,” in which he implies that African-Americans preferred to be slaves because it means they didn’t have to “think … Continue reading

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“Tea partier” Mark Williams writes ‘letter to Abe Lincoln’ … from the ‘coloreds’ **UPDATED**

If you’re feeling pissy that the NAACP condemned your witch doctor signage and you’re out to prove that your movement isn’t racist, wouldn’t it help not to actually say anything that might be construed as racist?

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Happy Fourth of July, Allen West (now go read a history book)

Allen West believes that when his side loses an election, or a vote in the House of Representatives or the United States Senate, the result is “tyranny!” TYRANNY, I SAY! … What can you say … he’s a tea party … Continue reading

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Steve King comes unglued over Obama and race (now, with tea party/immigration bonus!)

Put another egg in the Glenn Beck crazy basket. Congressman Steve King has just proved, once again, that Barack Obama’s election literally drove the right insane.

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Afternoon clicks: birther madness, Bushies and nasty Massa

President Obama and the Democrats are holding the line on financial reform, as Wall Street and Republicans vow to fight it (including by parroting Frank Luntz.) Can we start calling Eric Massa a sexual predator now? The latest news is … Continue reading

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