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Don’t take it from me… GOPers feel their side got rolled on the temporary payroll tax extension

Take it from the folks at RedState.com. The Republicans and their hapless leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell lost the December budget showdown … 

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So… when do the emoprogs start attacking Congress for ‘caving’?

So we have a deal … we think … on a bill to fund the government. So when does the carping about Congressional Democrats “caving” begin?

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**UPDATED: Not so fast, GOP: Obama will veto attempt to wriggle out of triggers

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy I think the lesson here is …

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Will Republicans turn to the Heritage Foundation to replace Ryan’s budget? **UPDATED**

The Heritage Foundation has its own plan to “save America’s economy.” Will it be the new plan now that Republicans seem to be running away from Ryancare?

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The cutdown: the tea party nearly shut down the gov’t over $352 Million and pap smears, and even failed to get Grover

Boy, are the baggies gonna be mad when they hear about this…

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Reactions to President Obama’s ‘Get Bent, Paul Ryan’ speech

President Obama’s speech Wednesday made three points: 1) President Obama is not going to allow Republicans to privatize Medicare or turn Medicaid into a block grant … 2) Obama has embraced the idea of deficit reduction, and will go for … Continue reading

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Facts lost in ‘hair on fire’ budget compromise headlines

Now usually I don’t do this, because I like Think Progress. I like the Center for American Progress, from which it comes. But what ThinkProgress posted this morning about the $38.5 billion budget compromise, complete with this really scary title: Budget … Continue reading

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The next budget battle: what will Obama propose? **UPDATE: Plouffe in the crosshairs

As the White House gears up for the next big battles with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives — over raising the debt ceiling and passing a 2012 budget — President Obama will give a speech on Wednesday stating where he … Continue reading

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Washington: the budget battle begins

President Obama offered his opening salvo in what’s sure to be an ugly budget fight with Republicans, who are under pressure from their tea party base to slash federal spending, but also to leave cherished programs like Medicare and Social … Continue reading

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