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The Wikileaks Afghan document dump: blessing or disaster?

On the one hand, to be honest and non-hypocritical, I would have cheered a release like the Wikileaks War Diary (site may be down, it was overnight Sunday), regarding the invasion of Iraq if George W. Bush was still president … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney’s war on W

Peter Beinart updates a theme that’s been rattling around Washington (and that I’ve believed for some time): Dick Cheney’s seeming anger at Barack Obama is really anger at George W. Bush, for turning away from his authoritarian, pro-torture, really quite … Continue reading

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Politico mines the dark heart of Dick Cheney

Who else but Mike Allen and Jim Vendehei to channel the inner thoughts of Dick Cheney, in an attempt to figure out “why he does it” (going after President Obama, that is.) But this time, they also field emails from … Continue reading

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If Pol Pot had a daughter…

… she would probably be a lot like Liz Cheney … On another note, our bridge trolly friend has launched a brand new think tank to try and keep her father’s torture and war machine alive (and to push for … Continue reading

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