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From the Department of Unfortunate Flashbacks: Mitt Romney spins bad jobs numbers

Thomas Roberts played this for an RNC spokesman this morning and got a genuine o_O face out of him. So let’s travel back to 2006 shall we? Mitt Romney was governor of Massachusetts, preparing to (not) run for a second … Continue reading

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Watch in full: Joe Bidern’s ‘they just don’t get us’ speech

From Ohio, Wednesday:

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Obama ‘can’t wait’ on Congress; will issue an executive order a week

The president appears to have become fed up.

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#OccupyAmerica isn’t going away

And police and other authorities had better figure out a way to deal with it. My fellow members of the media (including myself) too…

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This week’s Herald column: Obama’s new economic script

The president flips the script.

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How to beat a billionaire (or, enter the ‘Buffett rule’)

If you’re fighting against a very rich man, in a very deep economic malaise, the best way to beat the rich man is simply to point him out.

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(Video) Riots in the streets? Joy debates Michael Steele, Dinesh D’Souza and Larry Kudlow

One of my favorite shows to appear on, The Kudlow Report, invited me on-set for their “free market Friday” panel, to discuss New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s comments about “riots in the streets” if young Americans don’t start seeing the … Continue reading

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Can dysfunctional D.C. do anything to improve the jobs picture?

Is the jobs situation hopeless, structural and unfixable? Sometimes, you’ve got to wonder…

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Dueling headlines: fears of a double-dip, while luxury goods fly off shelves

More proof that the rich aren’t like the rest of us.

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Weak job market begs the question: is it really time to cut spending?

The answer, from an economic point of view, is no. But don’t let that stand in the way of political grandstanding and ideology in Washington.

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