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This week’s Herald column: the good old media ‘tie’

Had to go in on the debate reaction, just a little bit.

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On Sharpton’s Trayvon role: don’t hate the reverend, hate the game

Photo by Joy ReidSo Maragret Carlson is upset that Rev. Al Sharpton is leading the charge in the Trayvon Martin case? Welcome to the real world, ma’am, where it takes a media movement to make a black kid’s death something … Continue reading

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Clarence Thomas’ conflict of interest, and Anthony Weiner’s Twitter ‘scandal’

Daily Kos gets to the bottom line of why Andrew Breitbart (once again with the help of the mainstream media … and strangely enough, Talking Points Memo… is attempting to smear a New York Democratic congressman.

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Common sense: Dear media, please stop playing the right’s phony, racially tinged controversy game

If Sean Hannity poses a question, there’s a good chance there’s nothing newsworthy in the answer.

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**UPDATED: I can’t believe I live in a country where the president is forced to release his goddamned birth certificate

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy But I do. God help the U.S.A.

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Poll: Is the media discouraging Democratic voters?

In the wake of the 2000 presidential voting debacle, many in the mainstream media questioned their own role in “calling the race too early,” and the role of exit polls, in possibly causing voters in later time zones, including on … Continue reading

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Jeff Greene v. World

When I spoke to former Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Jeff Greene two days after he lost the election in Florida to Kendrick Meek, he told me he planned to sue the St. Pete Times/Miami Herald combo for $100 million, … Continue reading

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Who’s afraid of Glenn Beck? **UPDATE**

UPDATE: TDB’s John Batchelor makes it plain: Beck is an oaf, and a harmless one at that. A clip: What is Beck talking about? What is it that the folk who watch his afternoon TV show hear when he starts … Continue reading

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Not for nothing, but the media bought Breitbart’s snake oil, too

The Shirley Sherrod fiasco has made the White House and the NAACP look foolish, and forced the Obama administration to waste two whole news days when they should have been leading the cheering section for finreg and unemployment insurance. But … Continue reading

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Mediaite owes President Obama an apology

Now that their Republican wunderkind reporter Frances Martel has been forced to pull back her story, the editors of Mediaite should apologize, to the president, for trecking in this tabloid trash, to Ms. Baker, who has also been smeared by … Continue reading

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